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Mi Mi Korean Cosmetics

Kundal AQUA MINT Shampoo500ml

Kundal AQUA MINT Shampoo500ml

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This is a cool shampoo that deep cleanses the scalp refreshingly.It contains a plant-derived surfactant to provide a moist and mild feeling of use.Take care of your scalp and hair tired from external irritation.Low irritation test on the skin, non-detection test on 13 harmful components has been completed.Take care of the scalp and healthy pH with mild acidity of 5-6.It's an aquamint that gives you a refreshing feeling.Formulated with 5 types of surfactants derived from plants: This product contains 5 types of surfactants derived from plants to gently deeply cleanse the scalp. Secret to Fresh Feeling: The ingredients extracted from eucalyptus leaves, tea tree leaves, and menthol give you a fresh feeling and care for your tired scalp and hair due to external stimulation. Panthenol Formula: Panthenol extracted from Vitamin B5 (VITAMIN B5) smoothes the stimulated scalp and care for your hair

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