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Peripera Ink Velvet #15 Beauty Peak Rose

Peripera Ink Velvet #15 Beauty Peak Rose

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Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint helps to give lips attractive colors using a velvety texture. The weightless texture is easy to apply, helping to achieve moisturized lips with bold colors. It has a velvety finish and softens your lips for all-day wear, without being flaky.Lip tint offering rich colors and a matte finish with a velvety smooth feel. A velvety lip tint is available in a range of 3 different colors.Benefits:A lightweight and velvety lip tint that suits both warm and cool skin tonesAll the colors blend well with each other and can create multiple lip makeup looksGlides on smoothly and creates a blurring effect on lips that lasts all-dayHow to Use:Apply from the inner parts of the lips using the tip.Fill in the desired areas of the lips.Blend the edges of the lips.Colors Available:Inkrush OrangeBeauty Peak RoseHeart Fuchsia Pink

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