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Bring Green Hyal Jet Water Glow Serum Mask

Bring Green Hyal Jet Water Glow Serum Mask

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It focuses on moisturizing layering for tired skin.
Use it on days when concentrated moisture supply is needed with the key ingredients and texture of HyalJet serum packed in one mask sheet.
It is a plumping jelly sheet that bursts with moisture like a jelly filled with abundant moisture.
It provides long-lasting moisture retention with a plumping fabric that absorbs essence and becomes thick without flying lightly.
The sheet feels soft and bouncy without roughness as if it were coated with jelly, giving a comfortable and soothing feeling even when it touches the skin.
Tired skin with insufficient moisture due to lack of hydration, skin surface moisture evaporated in dry environment, this product immediately provides a moisturizing volume that fills in the skin that only needs moisture due to unbalanced moisture and restores skin moisture level by 67.6% and improves skin volume by 13.8%.
Skin irritation test completed, wrinkle improvement functionality reported.

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