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Bring Green HYALJETTM 10% Plumping Serum

Bring Green HYALJETTM 10% Plumping Serum

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Sensitive, dull, dry skin concerns are quickly cared for with a high-performance serum.
After 3 days of use, it shows 100% satisfaction in terms of moisturizing effects (moisture filling from deep within the skin, moisture coating on the surface of the skin, satisfaction with moisture improvement, satisfaction with lasting moisture, satisfaction with moisture radiance, satisfaction with moisturizing volume).
Triple moisturizing layering that fills the skin from the inside improves external moisturization by 40.42%, reduces transepidermal moisture loss by 18.10%, and shows a 27.01% improvement in internal moisturization.
Improvement in skin moisture level by 40.42%, improvement in skin volume by 9%, improvement in water glow by 74.68%, and improvement in moisture glow by 16.21%.
Completed the skin irritation test.
A low-pH product of pH 5~7.0.
A moisturizing double layered essence formula.

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