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Bring Green Toning Vita Softening Serum Mask

Bring Green Toning Vita Softening Serum Mask

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It offers a smooth, brightening effect for rough skin.
Containing the key ingredients and texture of the Toning Vita Serum in one sheet mask, use it on days when your skin looks dull and rough due to rough dead skin.
It is a derma gauze sheet that neatly takes care of even the creases.
The sheet is made of soft cotton gauze and gentle lyocell material to minimize skin irritation while keeping the sheet intact for skin care.
Attach the firm and finely woven gauze sheet tightly to the skin, even on the uneven parts of the skin.
It improves the rough skin texture, makeup that becomes cakey no matter what you apply, and tired skin from physical exfoliation, providing instant smoothness and a 13% improvement in skin roughness.
Skin irritation test completed, brightening improvement functionality report completed.

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