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Dermafactory EGF Ampoule 10ml

Dermafactory EGF Ampoule 10ml

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DERMA FACTORY EGF Ampoule is a high-functional premium firming ampoule that provides intensive anti-wrinkle care and restores skin condition by containing the core effective ingredients EGF 9ppm and PDRN 19%.
By containing a high content of 9ppm of EGF, called epidermal growth factor, to restore skin elasticity, it fundamentally transforms weakened skin into a healthy one.
EGF is a growth factor that promotes the proliferation of epithelial cells and is a type of protein produced in the body.
After the age of 20, it rapidly decreases in the skin and its regenerative ability declines, so continuous EGF care through external supply is required.
1% high content of PDRN, a precious skincare ingredient extracted from salmon DNA provides deep nutrition to the skin to strengthen the skin barrier weakened from various external factors.
Additionally, it contains 44.8 % low-molecule collagen water (firming), 3% Panthenol (moisturizing), 2% Niacinamide (brightening), and 1% Betaine (moisturizing).

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