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Mi Mi Korean Cosmetics

Dermafactory Panthenol 2% Mild Acidic Cleansing Bar

Dermafactory Panthenol 2% Mild Acidic Cleansing Bar

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A slightly acidic vegan cleansing bar with 2% panthenol to keep the moisture barrier healthy.

: Creamy and soft bubbles give mild cleansing.

: Gives moisture healthy skin care without tightness after face wash.

: Handmade soap made with 100% beauty ingredients and compressed.
- Moisturizing & Barrier Strengthening Ingredients + Vegetable Oil 14.5% + Coconut Derived Cleansing Ingredients = 100%

: France EVE VEGAN certification completed.

: Completed USDA organic certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

: Colorless, odorless.

: pH 5.0±1

* No added purified water, artificial hardeners, preservatives, or irritants.
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