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Dove Protection Roll On-Apple & White Tea Scent

Dove Protection Roll On-Apple & White Tea Scent

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Searching for something fresh? The new Dove Go Fresh Apple and White Tea roll on is the perfect match if you are looking for an antiperspirant deodorant with 48h protection and an addictive fresh, fruity fragrance. With its crisp notes of juicy apple and white tea and a subtle hint of floral, this refreshing scent will take you straight to those early summer days with blossoming apple-trees and flower markets.   The mild, alcohol-free formula helps reduce irritation and dryness while Dove’s unique ¼ moisturising cream cares for your underarm skin and helps to recover from any irritation that regular shaving might cause.   Whether it is after your morning shower, post a hot yoga class or just before going out; no matter the occasion, Dove Go Fresh has got your underarm needs covered keeping them smelling fresh and staying protected all day long. For best results, put one arm up above your head and apply the roller ball to your skin using light pressure and a circular motion to cover the whole area. Repeat the process on the other underarm. Apply your antiperspirant deodorant before bed as well as in the morning - at night, your body temperature is cooler, so you sweat less and the formula has a better chance of sinking into the delicate underarm skin ready for the day ahead. Stay fresh with new Dove Go Fresh Apple & White Tea, try this women's deodorant today.

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