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Fraijour Wormwood Peeling Gel 150ml

Fraijour Wormwood Peeling Gel 150ml

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Fraijour Original Herb Wormwood Peeling Gel Soft Peeling Roll with Wormwood Peeling Gel gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin of the face, actively moisturizes and soothes. It evens out the tone and texture of the skin, relieves inflammation, makes the skin smooth and silky. Accelerates metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis, improves blood circulation, activates regenerating and renewing functions.

The peeling roll contains 35 plant extracts that gently remove dead skin cells, smooth the skin, have an antibacterial and healing effect, and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Deeply moisturizes, saturates the cells with moisture, maintains the hydro-lipid balance and prevents moisture from evaporating.

Thanks to the cellulose in the composition, the peeling is suitable for cleansing sensitive skin: as it is massaged, the product draws out impurities from the skin, removes dead cells and turns into small pellets that can be easily washed off with water. It does not create an aggressive abrasive effect, it is gently distributed over the skin without causing redness and irritation.

The product has a light gel-like texture that delicately affects the surface of the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of lightness and freshness.

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