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Mi Mi Korean Cosmetics

Graymelin Mugwort Pure Cream

Graymelin Mugwort Pure Cream

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It's colder this winter.Cold and dry meat.The gel type they are applying doesn't have enough moisture, so the cream type.Try changing it.Even though it's a cream type, it's very thick and thick.It's not hard to live. Light and fluffy.You can even say gel cream type.The texture is soft and absorbs quickly.But it doesn't feel like nothing has been posted. About a thin layer on the skin.Like the rest.If the skin barrier is touching and pimples are coming out.Try this mugwort cream. If you use it once, you don't need much, so one box will last for about 4 months.All skin types, oily, People with acne.At night, it's the right time to do barrier care.Its key ingredients are the same as the toner. The more is Niacinamide, so the face.Makes it clear and bright.And it works well with Retinol and Exfoliating toners.

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