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Innisfree 5 Layers Cleansing Cotton Pads

Innisfree 5 Layers Cleansing Cotton Pads

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These 5-layer cotton pads are ideal for thorough makeup removal and cleansing.
Each pad can be cleanly separated into 5 layers – with two different purposes.

Each pad is comprised of
• 2 perforated layers for lip and eye makeup removal
• 3 solid layers for removing base makeup or applying toner.

We use a water jet processing method that minimizes lint formation on the cotton pad.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
These cotton pads come in an eco-friendly package, made with cornstarch instead of simple plastic packaging.
1. Separate each layer of the 5-Layers Cotton Pads.
2. Saturate the layers with your favorite makeup remover.
3. Place and gently press each layer where you’d like to remove makeup.
4. Let the pads sit for a few seconds before gently sweeping across the skin.


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