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JM SolyMarine Luminous Pearl Moisture Toner XL 600ml

JM SolyMarine Luminous Pearl Moisture Toner XL 600ml

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A deep nourishing toner with dense nutritional sensation that spreads moist and soft.Toner enriched with marine energy provides intensive nourishing to the skin as the first step of skincare. The 600ml of capacity allows generous use for fresh skincare. It is a multi care product that can be used as daily treatment, 7 skin method, and mist. Contains intensive moisturizing 3-layered hyaluronic acid, marine energy from pure ocean, and pearl extract for radiant complexion, to make the skin firm and supple with deep nourishing. This toner with nourishing texture keeps the skin moisturized and firm.[How to use]After cleansing, sweep the skin with cotton pad soaked in toner to refine the skin texture.

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