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Mi Mi Korean Cosmetics

Sur.Medic Mild UV Tone Up Sun Primer 50ml

Sur.Medic Mild UV Tone Up Sun Primer 50ml

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1. Makeup-Gripping Tone-Up and Prime Sunscreen

A hydrating sun primer with lightweight, non-sticky texture that sits on skin and helps smooth the look of pores and skin texture to boost your makeup.

2. All-day grip!

A sheer, lightweight, hydrating texture that helps seal makeup without making it chalky.

3. Azulene Sunscreen With Soothing and Hydrating Formula

Formulated with azulene oil from chamomile that helps soothe and calm sensitive skin and offers rich hydrating formulas.

Sun Primer that hydrates and protects skin from UV rays.

4. Brighten and Improve Dullness With Purple

It uses a non-chalky, purple tone to immediately brighten up dull skin and correct skin tone to the most natural look.

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