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VT Cica Vital Daily Mask Box (30ea)

VT Cica Vital Daily Mask Box (30ea)

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A3-minute glow mask that provides an easy and fast glow boost.
It takes care of the skin core with Cica's sedation, triple hyaluronic acid moisture, and moisturizing effects, while also adding brightening effects of citron cepheptide, pure vitamin C, and niacinamide to brighten the dull skin.
In citron, citron seeds with the highest flavonoid content are decomposed into low-molecular peptides of 500 Da or less to increase the skin absorption rate of vital and vital active ingredients.
It quickly delivers the essence that is filled to the skin and completes it with a clear shiny skin texture.
It is 0.15mm thin using vegetable Rio cell to increase air permeability and is certified as vegan & okotech, so it is made by considering both skin and environment.

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